The Turnsole Solution

accounts receivable solution from Turnsole

Any receivables solution should allow you to access essential data at a glance and give you the ability to manage your revenue cycle workflow in a way that makes sense for your business, identify trends, and drill down to get specific actionable data that is relevant to your practice.

With Turnsole, you have access to key performance indicators tied to volume, revenue and collections that allow you to evaluate where you excel or fall behind based on both current and trending data. Turnsole provides business intelligence that gives you the ability to leverage information to improve productivity, expedite revenue, and make wise business decisions.

Turnsole is a SaaS solution that:

  • Automates and streamlines the reconciliation of 835 electronic remittance advice received from each payor to payments received from those payors.
  • Tracks claims revisions.
  • Eliminates staff hours and improves efficiency.
  • Accelerates cash flow.
  • Solves the “missing check problem.”
  • Allows for a quicker month-end close of the books.
  • Provides visibility into forward-looking cash flow dynamics.
  • Provides robust analytics that mines your claims data for payor, provider and procedure-specific trends.
  • Tracks payment accuracy and timeliness, providing data for contract re-negotiations.