Why Turnsole?

Choose a solutions partner who can provide more than software…

Selecting the wrong receivables software solutions partner can end up costing a healthcare practice time, money and frustration. Turnsole understands that it’s important not only to deliver superior software features, but also to align with the specific goals and unique performance indicators that are critical to the success of each practice.

1. We know healthcare. The Turnsole executive and operations teams have deep content experience in managing a wide variety of healthcare businesses (including payors) and have designed a feature set that fits extremely well with your existing revenue cycle workflow.

2. We’re nimble. Turnsole is highly flexible when it comes to customized module creation, unique customer scenarios and data feed options.

3. We’re cost-effective. We understand that you’re looking for an excellent return on your investment. Turnsole leads the competition in cost/benefit value by creating back-office efficiencies and accelerating cash flow.

4. We’re easy to use. Simplicity is critical to easy navigation, saving valuable staff time and effort. Turnsole provides an intuitive user interface/dashboard that mirrors your RCM workflow and takes users through tasks in logical steps.

5. Superior analytics. Turnsole provides actionable intelligence that not only tracks month by month performance, but also informs forward-looking best practices and planning.