Turnsole Health

The Leader in Healthcare Analytics & Workflow Solutions

Turnsole Health is an innovative healthcare revenue cycle technology company led by a highly experienced team of tech, finance and operating executives with deep content expertise in revenue cycle and business operations on both the provider and payor sides of the healthcare industry.


The Turnsole solution is a SaaS platform that automates the reconciliation of payor data with commercial reimbursement transactions, generating highly actionable analytics and driving a disruptive streamlining of revenue cycle workflow for clients. Our technology synthesizes remittance and payment data to create a highly functional roadmap for revenue cycle distress resolution, leading to improved financial and operational management of our clients’ businesses.


Launched in 2017, Turnsole has grown to become a leading provider of innovative RCM technology solutions across all sub-specialties of healthcare. From the beginning, the founders of Turnsole envisioned creating a healthcare technology company with scale, robust tech resources, and broad healthcare revenue cycle expertise to provide innovative, customer-focused solutions that assist our healthcare clients in meeting the business challenges of a complex and rapidly changing healthcare business environment.

How We're Different

  • Partnership vs. vendor relationship:  White-glove approach with no customization fees. 
  • Alignment: Tiered pricing model is geared around scaling and activities that are accretive to you, the client.  We find creative ways to help you grow your business.
  • Relevant expertise / Thought partnership: Turnsole personnel are operations, RCM and finance execs who thrive at the whiteboard with clients.
  • Distress quantification / Actionable intelligence:  Turnsole provides more than mere reporting.  We seek out the root causes of RCM distress and provide an operational roadmap for improvement.
  • Efficiency through automation / Rails to scale:  Turnsole minimizes the need for human intervention in your day to day operations, enabling you to increase efficiency and scale your business.
  • Continuity & responsiveness:  C-level engagement with no pass-off to a junior account rep.  Internal performance measures are geared toward rapid issue resolution.
  • Low barrier to entry:  Low setup expense and creative pricing to mitigate the pain of both up-front and on-going cost.
  • Execution & speed to value:  Phased implementation approach.  The priority is to get to value & ROI quickly.


Who We Serve

“The Turnsole solution provides better analytics and greater ease of use than any other competitor we've seen in the market. Turnsole doesn't just provide data. It solves problems.”
-Physician practice CEO, Texas


Whether you’re curious about features, a demo, or latest developments, we’re here to answer any questions.