M&A Diligence

Turnsole provides insights into risk and value that is not evident in financial diligence of the acquisition target’s P&L and balance sheet.  Whether you’re a private equity firm or a provider seeking to grown through acquisition, our M&A diligence offering can help you to identify an undervalued asset.

M&A Diligence Highlights

  • Fast & Accurate: Facilitates expedient diligence execution.
  • Contract Yield: True nature of target’s profitability potential & cash trajectory.
  • Focus on Cash: Eliminates potential for P&L manipulation.
  • Detailed Analysis: Identifies outliers and value-lift opportunities.
  • Risk Reduction: Better intel reduces dead deal cost.
  • Diligence Enhancement: Effective method of expanding your team’s diligence capabilities.
  • Cost Effective: Inexpensive method of executing critical diligence tasks.

Note:  M&A diligence details are proprietary.  M&A report specifics and detailed metrics provided upon request.

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