Private Equity

New opportunities in the M&A space are the lifeblood of any private equity firm, particularly in the healthcare sector. Transactions that undergo a thorough due diligence process typically provide a higher chance of success. Due diligence helps assure that a potential buyer is making an informed decision by enhancing the quality of information available to all decision makers. Our professionals have the domain expertise and skills to assist organizations with the numerous types of analyses and support to enable effective strategic decision making.

Buy Side

From a buyer’s perspective, financial due diligence allows a buyer to gain comfort that their expectations regarding the transaction are validated.  Relative to a merger and/or acquisition, purchasing a business without performing due diligence substantially increases the risk to the buyer / purchaser. 

With buy-side assessment by Turnsole of the seller’s data, the odds of finding an undervalued asset can increase dramatically.

Sell Side

From a seller’s perspective, due diligence is conducted to provide assurance to a buyer that what’s being purchased has been vetted for potential exposures and the integrity of information has been reviewed and is free from errors and omissions.  While going through such a rigorous process, many sellers discover that the fair market value of their company is more than what they initially thought to be the case.  Additionally, many sellers that undergo such a process are more prepared for the onslaught of questions and information that a buyer will need to gain comfort as they perform their own due diligence.

The Follow-on Opportunity

Following the acquisition, Turnsole can create an “operational roadmap” that will prove useful in identifying on-going RCM issues that can be easily addressed in order to inflect EBITDA.  Monitoring the post-transaction performance of any acquisition is vital piece of the on-going success of the overall provider platform.

“The Turnsole team has created tremendous value for our organization. Partnering with Turnsole was the best decision we've made in a long time.”

Physician practice RCM Director, Tennessee