Turnsole’s HIPAA-compliant & SOC certified workflow module works well with any practice management system.  Simplicity is critical to navigation, saving end-users valuable time and effort.  Simple navigation starts with an intuitive interface that provides users with a logical pathway through the Turnsole workflow.

Workflow Efficiency Highlights


  • Claims and remit reconciliation to deposits
  • Automation of manual RCM tasks (RPA)
  • EOB conversion to 835
  • Patient payment conversion to postable file
  • Workflow optimization through operational KPI
  • A/R management & eligibility verification
  • Searchable image index library
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Payment gateway & virtual credit cards (VCC)
  • Long-term data archiving
  • Personnel management / work queues
  • Reprocessed claims tracking to resolution

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