Vision & Values

We are focused on delivering a world class technology solution to our customers and partners in a manner that demonstrates not only our deep content expertise and service-orientation, but our shared commitment to success as we grow and evolve together with the valued customers with whom we work.  This is the vendor experience as it should be.  In pursuit of that vision, we believe the following corporate values are essential, and reflect our commitment to our customers, partners and business colleagues:

Corporate Values

  • Experience and credibility: The Turnsole team is comprised of experienced healthcare operators and finance executives. We’ve seen healthcare, technology, and finance evolve over time and understand what it’s like to run a business, from small independent physician practices, to large hospitals, to Fortune 500 companies.  We know because we’ve been there.  And we bring that broad expertise to every customer relationship.
  • Like-minded vision: If there is one word that describes the way we relate to our customers and business partners, it’s ALIGNMENT.  Our like-mindedness with your business goals is what leads to value with every customer we work with.
  • Compatibility of corporate culture: We want to work with individuals and businesses that value high-quality solutions supported by service that is characterized by excellence.  Our resolve is to deliver our solution and service with absolute integrity, and to create value in every aspect of how we conduct our business.
  • Financial commitment: Turnsole is committed to putting resources behind achieving our shared goal of mutual success.  Whether it’s implementation, training, service support, or evolving our technology around a customer’s unique needs, we’ll be there every step of the way.
  • Thought leadership: Healthcare is perhaps the most complex industry in the world today.  Turnsole is meeting the challenge head-on, and is creating evolutionary changes in our field through ideas and technology solutions that are practical, relevant and out-front.
  • Innovation: Healthcare, along with its associated technologies, is experiencing the most dramatic explosion of innovation that our industry has ever seen.  Turnsole is on the leading edge of that innovation, driving disruptive changes that make our customers’ businesses better.  Turnsole is where healthcare is headed.