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With Turnsole, you have access to key performance indicators and actionable intel tied to volume, revenue and collections that allow you to evaluate where you excel or fall behind based on both current and trending data.  Turnsole provides business intelligence that gives you the ability to leverage information to improve productivity, expedite revenue, and make wise business decisions.

Analytics & Actionable Intel

Proper analytics should not be just a rearview mirror view of the business, rather a tool to reduce variability and risk.  Our competitors emphasize merely providing data, while Turnsole focuses on solving problems.  It’s the difference between basic reporting metrics and actionable intel.  Data analytics should drive predictability and profitability, quantifying areas of RCM distress that require immediate action.


Using robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks such as assimilating/synthesizing data, posting payments and retrieving necessary medical records, Turnsole can reduce workflow friction and optimize the efficiency of your revenue cycle team.  Turnsole will customize business rules to your specifications to replace cumbersome manual tasks and enable your business to scale while eliminating costly errors.



The Turnsole payments platform is a secure online portal that offers your patients a simple-to-use payment functionality and provides your practice with robust reporting and payment posting capabilities.  Our payments module is geared toward giving patients multiple payment options while delivering efficiency and cost savings for your business.

M&A Diligence

Turnsole provides insights into risk and value that is not evident in financial diligence of the acquisition target’s P&L and balance sheet. Whether you’re a private equity firm or a provider seeking to grown through acquisition, our M&A diligence offering can help you to identify an undervalued asset.

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